Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Online Haul : Siku West German Made VW

Try to type "die cast" in any online store like eBay and you will get a ton of returns. And every now and then I try to browse through them, most of the time it pays off. 

When I went off to pick up the following cars I never thought I will be meeting a guy who is a member of a family who used to own a hobby shop that I usually go to. The transaction was just like any other online transaction that I had, I purchased the item online, we communicated SMS, we scheduled a meet up and we meet talk a bit then usually what happens after that is we bid each other good bye. But not this time, before I went to meet the seller, I dropped by one of my favorite flea shop to check out their new items and left the place with a vintage plastic anime statue. 

While I was checking the cars that I bought from the seller, I noticed that he kept on looking at the plastic bag that I had with the statue in it, eventually he asked me if he could check it out. I gave him the go and we started talking about it, he asked me where I bought it and seeing that he was really interested and I had a feeling that he knows his stuff, I told him where I bought the statue. He shared his hunting grounds, and I realized that he really knows what he is talking about. Curious, I asked him where he got the Siku's. He told me that it's part of the stuffs that was left from their business, then he asked me if I know this hobby shop. And I can't believe what he just said, partly because a lot of collectors is trying to contact them to see if they still have some old RC parts. We talked some more and he told me that he will try to check their storage room to see if they still have those RC parts that I am looking for and some die cast stuffs too. And as of this moment, he told me that there are some carded Siku and he will just sort them so that I could take a look at them. And I am really looking forward to meeting up with him again, and I will definitely post the cars here once I have them.

I've had Siku's before but not the vintage ones, more of the recent ones that is why I didn't like them that much. These VW's that I have is much much better with regards to it's casting (my own opinion :D), and they look and feel much heavy. This is the first time that I have learned about Volks Wagen's Passat Variant and I am really liking it. 

I am not sure If I have mentioned it before in my blog that I am a VW Golf fan, that is why I was really really happy when I got these Siku VW Golf GLS. Pretty good stuff, I just hope I can get one of those with race livery. 

You might be wondering what's the name of the seller or what's the name of the hobby shop that they own, well I don't think it's appropriate for me to post it here, considering a lot of collectors wants to contact them. Anyways, that's it for now, thanks for looking and keep on Over Haulin!


  1. as you, i’m not a big fan of Siku (although i’m managing to get 1 interesting sample) but i didn’t know about these vintage Sikus... actually a metal/metal diecast is not usual nowadays and these ones have nice details and even the wheels look a lot better !!!... nice group and a rarity for sure, congrats !!! =)...

    by the way, i had 1 or 2 Volkswagen Golf by Majorette, one of the best castings available for this model... what a pity that when i was younger i didn’t take care of them and well, now they’re hard to find and hence expensive... =/////

    1. The older Siku die casts in the 1:60 range are slightly better than the one's made today but they're still superior to most die cats toy cars in that scale range.
      I love the 1:50 - 1:55 scale die cats toys by Siku, they are a bit expensive but are amazingly durable, and very detailed.

      Wrote an article called Siku Toy Cars and there you can see photos of our collection fo Siku toy cars including an old forklift. Which has the old wheels which are a lot better like chrismandesign said said.