Thursday, November 8, 2012

Swapmeet Haul: Kyosho VW Golf GTI and HotWheels Hare Splitter

It's the second week of November already! I am not yet done posting my hauls from the recent swap meet and we will be having another one this coming weekend! I do hope I get some good hauls in the next swap meet.

Any how, here are two VW Golf's that I got from the last swap meet. The first one is a Kyosho 1/64 Golf GTI. They were also selling a black variant of the same model, unfortunately a small part of the rear panel turned white because of the adhesive they used. The red one is not that bad but I like the black one better. 

They say that this is an old release from Kyosho and it's hard to find one today. I still want to get a black one and I hope I find one next swap meet. The detail on this model is really good, It's one of the models who was able to really get the distinct look of the front grill of the car, and I really love that front bumper! 

Sorry for the poor picture, I will get a new one with my new camera. hehehe love saying that, my new camera. :D :D :D

I'm not sure if Kyosho did release a race version of the car in this scale but I do wish they do if they have not. 

Anyway, the next one is a race version of the Golf indeed! I almost jumped with joy when I found this among the cars inside a bin that was selling for 100 pesos ($2!!!!). The car is mint and like new. I have always wanted one but I could not find any that is why I am really happy with this catch.

I really love the details of this one even though it is not that "detailed". I love the fog lamps on the bumper, I love the spare tire on the roof rack and I love the opening hood that reveals the engine.

I just wish I could get the first releases. I saw a couple that was posted in Ebay, mint and carded, and it's really frustrating not being able to buy them. >.<

Well that wraps up my coverage of my hauls in the last swap meet. So, what will you be expecting from my blog this November? Well, there would be a swap meet this weekend so you could expect some post regarding my hauls for that day, if I do have any hauls. However, if I don't have anything bought that day expect a post regarding the swap meet itself.

One more thing, I have been looking at my page view stats and I have noticed that I am getting a lot of hits when it comes to my RC cars. And with that I have decided that I will be doing A lot more RC posts this November, and I will be featuring my latest RC hauls and since my Taiyo Jet Fighter received the most number of views all time I will be doing a special post for it. I will be (hopefully) doing full review on it and probably a video of it running on dirt? :D

I just wish I have enough extra time to accomplish all that. Anyways, that's it for now, thanks for   dropping by and keep on Over Haulin!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

W.I.P. is now live!

Just to give you a heads up guys. My W.I.P. or Work In Progress is now live, this is where I will be posting my custom projects while I am working on it. Once done I will do a blog post for the finished project. Feel free to visit the page anytime, I will be sharing how I did most of the custom works. :D

To visit the page, just click on the link located on the upper right side of my blog page ---->

Lucky Haul : Nikon Cool Pix in Mica Blue

Yep, finally I got myself a digital camera. I really have no intentions of buying one, I was just checking out the phones that was on display around the cell phone shops that sells brand new and second hand electronic gadgets. Did find a couple of near mint Sony Ericsson's that I like, but like what I have said I really don't have any intentions of buying anything. 

Some of the stalls sells Video Cameras, Tablets, DSLR's and of course Digicams. When a Mica Blue colored Subaru Impreza zooms in and out of your sight, I am 100% sure that you will take notice even if you are not a car enthusiast. There's something about that hue of blue that really catches your attention. 

Image borrowed from

And that's exactly what I experienced when I saw the Nikon displayed in one of the many glass cabinets of the stall where I bought the camera. I immediately approached the sales lady standing behind the cabinet and asked if I could check the camera. Turned it on and it was ready to shoot in just a second. Fiddled with the settings and had it set on Macro, pointed at something small and took a picture. 16 Mega Pixel plus Nikon Technology, the picture was so sharp and clear I didn't want to let go of the camera. I mentally took note of the model and handed the camera back to the sales lady. 

"Kunin niyo sir?" ("Do you want to buy it sir?") said the sales lady while I was handing back the camera. The condition of the camera is almost brand new but I know that it's being sold second hand. 

"Ano ano ba kasama? Me SD card?" ("What else is included? Does it come with an SD card?").  "Charger po at 8GB SD card." ("Charger and an 8GB SD card.") she replied. "Magkano ba?" ("How much?") I asked.

"2,000 nalang po." ("$45" [roughly :D]) She answered. I almost blurted out a wow but managed to hold it in, I can feel that I can still haggle a bit and have the price lowered down more. I decided to point out the things that can depreciate the selling value of the camera, I know for a fact that it's a second hand unit and used units more often than not does not have their original box and accessories like the charger with them. "Anong charger kasama niyan? Wala naring box yan no?" ("What type of charger is included? And it does not come with the original box, right?") I said, sounding a bit interested with the unit but still hesitant because of the price. 

"Universal charger po. Magkano po ba budget niyo?" ("It comes with a universal charger. How much are you willing to pay for the unit?" She asked. She fell for it! "1,800." ($40) I replied. She told me to wait for her because she is going to ask her employer about it. She was gone for a couple of minutes and then she gave me a "yes" nod while she was walking back to the stall. We tested the charger, took a couple more of pictures then I paid for the camera. 

I know it's not the best digital camera around but boy for the price and the condition of the camera, this is one hell of a haul. And did I say that blue is my favorite color? 



  • EXPEED C2 image processing engine
  • 16 megapixel CCD image sensor
  • 1/2.3-in CCD sensor (total pixels: approx. 16.44 million)
  • 10x zoom NIKKOR lens with wide-angle coverage
  • Up to 4x digital zoom
  • 6.7 cm (2.7-in.), approx. 230k-dot TFT LCD with anti-reflection coating
  • ISO 3200 capability
  • Scene auto selector
  • 18 optimized scene modes
  • HD movie recording (720p) with stereo sound
  • Anti-blur technology
  • 74MB of internal memory
  • Supports SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card
  • Hi-speed USB interface
  • Versatile image adjustment and editing functions
  • VR image stabilization
And with that do expect a little more pictures for every post that I'll be doing. Anyways, that's it for now, thanks for looking and keep on Over Haulin!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Online Haul : Siku West German Made VW

Try to type "die cast" in any online store like eBay and you will get a ton of returns. And every now and then I try to browse through them, most of the time it pays off. 

When I went off to pick up the following cars I never thought I will be meeting a guy who is a member of a family who used to own a hobby shop that I usually go to. The transaction was just like any other online transaction that I had, I purchased the item online, we communicated SMS, we scheduled a meet up and we meet talk a bit then usually what happens after that is we bid each other good bye. But not this time, before I went to meet the seller, I dropped by one of my favorite flea shop to check out their new items and left the place with a vintage plastic anime statue. 

While I was checking the cars that I bought from the seller, I noticed that he kept on looking at the plastic bag that I had with the statue in it, eventually he asked me if he could check it out. I gave him the go and we started talking about it, he asked me where I bought it and seeing that he was really interested and I had a feeling that he knows his stuff, I told him where I bought the statue. He shared his hunting grounds, and I realized that he really knows what he is talking about. Curious, I asked him where he got the Siku's. He told me that it's part of the stuffs that was left from their business, then he asked me if I know this hobby shop. And I can't believe what he just said, partly because a lot of collectors is trying to contact them to see if they still have some old RC parts. We talked some more and he told me that he will try to check their storage room to see if they still have those RC parts that I am looking for and some die cast stuffs too. And as of this moment, he told me that there are some carded Siku and he will just sort them so that I could take a look at them. And I am really looking forward to meeting up with him again, and I will definitely post the cars here once I have them.

I've had Siku's before but not the vintage ones, more of the recent ones that is why I didn't like them that much. These VW's that I have is much much better with regards to it's casting (my own opinion :D), and they look and feel much heavy. This is the first time that I have learned about Volks Wagen's Passat Variant and I am really liking it. 

I am not sure If I have mentioned it before in my blog that I am a VW Golf fan, that is why I was really really happy when I got these Siku VW Golf GLS. Pretty good stuff, I just hope I can get one of those with race livery. 

You might be wondering what's the name of the seller or what's the name of the hobby shop that they own, well I don't think it's appropriate for me to post it here, considering a lot of collectors wants to contact them. Anyways, that's it for now, thanks for looking and keep on Over Haulin!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Swap Meet Haul: Cararama Mini-Rama! Mini Cooper and VW Beetle

This haul was from the last swap meet and the story behind my it is kind of fun.

The seller of the diorama set that I got arrived at the swap meet late. A lot of collectors and passer by had come and go but like usual me and a couple of my fellow collectors stayed to chat and chill.It's unfortunate that I was not able to get the name of the seller, but that was because I was so excited to rush back to my fellow collectors to show off my new haul. 

The swap meet was fun and was full of awesome diecast for sale. First haul was several motor home and trucks that was priced 3 pieces for the price of 1 new regular Hotwheels or Matchbox. Looked around and I was very tempted to buy a couple of VW lesney. I've completed several rounds checking out every cars that was displayed on the table. A lot of cars caught my attention and had me counting my available cash but I eventually decided to pass. Lunch passed, and we were just chatting and admiring the cars on display when the seller arrived, he looked for a table to share with for his merchandise, and then we he found one he started to place his for sale on display. First of, a set of Tomica Town. Some hard to find sets were included, and my friend Jerard of Shilo's Garage was immediately looking for collectors to have a group buy. When the seller finished displaying the Tomica Town, he started to display a couple of expensive multi scaled cars. Nothing for me there, but we were all eyeing the cars because they were awesome. Finally someone bought the Tomica set, and then there was enough space on the table for his other stuffs. The seller then displayed this two diorama set by Cararama.

My friends and I looked at it from a far. I liked it and got interested but I decided not to ask for the price because it looks damn expensive. Several minutes later curiosity got the best of me and decided to take a closer look. While approaching his table I immediately noticed that the acrylic case was busted, there were cracks everywhere. I picked up the Mini Cooper (yes because it's a rally car :D) and inspected the car and the diorama inside the case, everything is mint except for the case, picked up the Herbie VW Beetle, same thing except for some scratches at the roof of the beetle! From a far I was expecting that the price range for each set is around 900-1000 php (roughly $20 - $22), when I saw the busted case, price range went down to 600 - 800 php. Just curious, I asked the seller how much he is selling the set each. "350 php." That's what he replied. I was immediately computing at the back of my mind and trying to remember how much money I have extra at the same time. 

I was ready to pay for the Mini Cooper, but decided to haggle for both. "500 yung dalawa?" (500 for both?) and then I smiled knowing that my offer was a bit far off. He paused, looked at the set then replied. "550." ($11) Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! I nodded then payed for the set. And that haul became my best haul for that swap meet. Went back to my friends and all of them were looking at me with a questioning look. Apparently we were all expecting the same thing, both set will be very expensive. Just imagine the reaction that I got when I told them how much I got the lot. 

I believe the scale of the car and the diorama is 1/43. The detail of the diorama is so good and clean but that is not really a surprise considering Cararama produces some of the finely detailed 1/72 cars. I am really not a big beetle fan, that is why I am thinking of removing the beetle and replacing it with my 1/43 Mazda RX-7 Savanna. 

I got this fine looking RX-7 from last month's swap meet. I got it for a measly $2, the side mirror is missing, front plate number missing as well but everything is in near mint condition. I will post an updated picture once I am able to replace the beetle with the savanna. 

That's it for now, thanks for looking and keep on Over Haulin!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hong Kong Haul : Car Magazine Tomica Limited Mazda Savanna RX-7 Racing

Nope, I did not go to Hong Kong to buy this very cool car, how I wish I could though.

I bought this from a fellow collector who (I'm not sure) stays or regularly visits HK for diecast cars. He posted several Tomica's from the same Car Magazine line and one of them is the RX-7 Savanna. This car has been in my wish list for a very long time, there has been some that was posted in the forums some are cheap but I was not quick enough to place dibs on it, and some are too expensive it breaks my heart when some one places a dibs on it. 

When Hotstuff (That is his forum name) posted this baby, I wasted no time and immediately placed dibs on it. It was priced just right and at the right time too, when I clicked on the link it says "7 Views", so I was the 8th guy to click on the link. Good thing the first four guys is not into this car. Haha! 

I had to wait for more than a month before I got hold of the car, because they had to complete all the orders first and all of the orders where shipped at the same time. I was so excited when I went to pick it up, and I was so happy with how they packaged it. It was placed inside a Tomica Shop plastic bag then was wrapped with one layer of bubble wrap. The transaction was so satisfying that I can't wait to order a car from him once more. 

Sir Hotstuff, thank you very much! :D

As you can see in the picture, this series, packages the car inside a magazine (or book) like box. You can flip open the cover to reveal pictures of the car. Once you flip over the box itself, a magazine with several more pictures and the history of the car is featured written in Kanji me thinks (I want to learn what ever language this is because of this magazine. hehe) and some more pictures of other Tomica models. 

I really like this series, it's sad that they don't have that much models for it though. A Datsun BRE 510 would be very nice. And I would definitely get one if they would release one. Among the many versions of the RX-7, the Savanna Racing version is my favorite. I love the livery of this car as well, very classic and very race-y. :D

I wont be opening this one, but I will look for a loose one instead. So far this is one of my favorite in my collection and I am pretty sure you will be seeing several more of this car in different versions in my blog. 

And speaking of my blog here is a sneak preview of what you will be seeing in my posts probably next month or next next month. I really don't want to start posting them until it's halfway complete. 

Guess what's inside the black plastic containers. 

Yep! Mooooore CMS!

Update on my Camera? I have not bought one yet. haha! I can't seem to make my self to buy one, I'm torn between buying an expensive new model digital camera and buying a second hand high end late model compact DSLR. Anyhow, I am having so much fun taking pictures of my cars because of my mini photo studio that looks like this. 

That's it for now, thanks for viewing. Keep Over Haulin! :D

P.S. I have noticed that we have new viewers. Thank you StuG, Bowerbird and Berber Conan for following and I hope you'll enjoy your stay! :D

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