Sunday, February 24, 2013

Taiyo Jet Fighter RC - Revisited

As you may already know, the Taiyo Jet Fighter was the haul that made me hunt for more good hauls. I have had several more hauls after that but I still consider the Jet Fighter my best ever. You can say that it's my favorite.

It's obvious that the design of the Jet Fighter was copied from Tamiya's Boomerang. Nevertheless, there is just something about the stance, livery and over all packaging of the Jet Fighter that makes me grin with excitement every time I look at it. I have heard that the first toy, first bike, first comic, or first cartoon, no matter how bad they are, would always be your favorite even if there is something out there that is much better. Maybe that's true. ^___^

Well that is just part of the reason why I am revisiting the Jet Fighter. The main reason why I am revisiting this lovely buggy is the fact that it received the most clicks among my posts, that with just three pictures posted. And as promised, I will be revisiting my RC cars with more pictures and hopefully spec details about the cars.

Okay then so lets start! 

As you can see in the spec sheet the Taiyo Jet Fighter is a very basic RC. Very typical of a non hobby grade RC. I currently don't have a way to check the max speed of the Jet Fighter, it's not that slow but it's not fast either. It to has the speed lever at the body of the axle and a Turbo slot for the controller stick. 

I have run the buggy a couple of times before retiring it to be a shelf queen. And during those runs I did not have any issues with the steering, jumps and even parts breaking. It's not the best runner but it was sure fun to see it go full speed across the street.

The body of the Jet Fighter may look like the Boomerang but I like the livery of the Jet Fighter much better. The color scheme has a very 80's racing feel to it. I have seen a yellow variation and a black variation (Twin Motor!!! ^_^) of the Jet fighter and I sure do want to get one for my self.

This may not be a hobby grade RC but the packaging makes it look like one. I am not sure if I have said it here (I think I may have said it on my art blog ^_^) that I am a big fan of box arts, manuals and packaging. When I bought the Jet Fighter it came with the manual and a brochure and taped on the manual is a spare part for the linkages of the Jet Fighter. It's cool that the manual is written in Japanese but how I wish I could translate and read them.

Japan made toys are getting rare and I am really happy that I am still able to get one every now and then. Which reminds me, I do buy RC and Toy Cars from fellow hobbyist and collectors, so if you have one (preferably within the Philippines) that you want to sell, please do let me know! ^_^

Well that sums up my revisit, that's it for now, thanks for dropping by and keep on Over Haulin!


  1. Hi! I read your post, and I´ve a question for you.
    I keep the car but I lost RC Control.
    Do you know where I can find a replace for its?


    1. Hi Jojo, thanks for checking out my blog. Ebay would be your best bet. You can also check your local flea markets for used toys. However, when buying controlers make sure that you are getting the same frequencies, for the Taiyo Jet Fighter though I am not sure how many frequencies they have for that specific model. Another option that you have is to modify the car itself, you can purchase cheap or even second hand hobby grade Transmitters and receivers from your local hobby shops. But this would require heavy modifications on your part. Good luck! :D

  2. Man! Thats was my first Rc Car. I win in 87 Christmas. See you post bring back good memories :) Congrats :)

    1. Same exact reason why I collect em, it brings back a lot of fun and good memories. Nothing beats the first few toys that we had when we were younger, no matter how basic they are compared to the hobby grade ones. Glad that you enjoyed your visit ;) and thanks for dropping by!

  3. Hi, I have one just like it but it says Turbo Fighter instead of Jet Fighter. Have you heard of this version? I can't find it on the net anywhere.

      Apologies for not being to reply sooner, I don't really check this blog much anymore since I have a new one. Please do check it out if you have free time.

      Anyways to answer your question, I believe the Turbo Fighter is the Tyco/USA version of the fighter. It is no secret that toy companies do get licenses to re-brand stuff like RC cars. What I'm not sure though is who got the license from who, since I have seen posts saying that both cars were released around the 89. It would be nice though to find out who came up with the fighter first. ;)

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  5. Hi! I also have one of's the yellow version - 30 years old already imagine that :)

    I bought in Portugal (where I lived until 2006) and then decided to bring it back in 2009, to Germany) such that my kid could play with it....

    Unfortunately, my son managed to cause more damage in two days of playing, then what it has sustained for the past 30 years (one broken antenna and a burnedout engine).

    I have just disassembled the motor part and can confirm that it is in fact a Mabuchi RS 380 12V (it actually accepts an input varying between 4.5v and 15v) :)

    I have just tested using a multimeter and the motor is in fact gone, hence as soon as I confirm the correct size, I will try buying one off ebay (I can see there are still a few suppliers selling it :) )...

    Then, I just need to solder it and re-attach the gear...(or I'll buy a new one - need to figure it out)...

    Anyway, many thanks for the good memories....if you have any suggestions/helpful hints on how to replace the motor, I would be very interested....:)

    Many thanks again,