Monday, February 11, 2013

To and Beyond!

Wahaha sorry but I really can't help but use that line for my post title. 

As promised, I will be posting a review for the new web hosting site that I came across with early this year. As you may have seen I am a member of and they launched a marketing campaign to promote blogging. And the first part of their campaign is to team up  with and help bloggers launch their  own website. 

So what exactly is Let me quote to properly describe the site.

" is a Philippines start up which has developed and launched a service which lets anyone launch their own website, complete with mobile version and domain name with little to no technical know how."

I have mentioned in my previous post that I was suppose to launch my own website but did not push through with it because of some issues that I had with the hosting site. The issue that I had back then was with the interface and the options available on the hosting site. Short description would be, it is not user friendly. It required a lot of scripting, I have basic knowledge when it comes to scripting but I really don't have enough time to focus on it.

So how did fair with the previous site that I used? Well, it is almost the total opposite of the previous one. I liked how they were able to come up with a fun, easy and simple way to launch your own website. However, I think it was over simplified that you'll end up looking for more things to adjust or edit.

According to,ph the website is still under development and things are still changing. So let me take this opportunity to enumerate somethings that I would have wanted to have on my dashboard. I am using a free account so I am really not sure if the following will be available if you sign up to them, but here it goes.

  • The ability to switch from design mode to HTML or script mode. 
  • The ability to edit each object on the page. I am not sure if the user can edit the button names, but when I tried to do so I was not able to find how.
  • The ability to add tabs and link one tab to another tab within the page.
  • Pattern the tool bar to something very familiar like Paint, Photoshop or even Microsoft Office.
  • Upload your own font styles.
  • Rulers would really be a great help. 
Well those are what's on the top of my head so far after trying to launch my own page. I really like how they were able to make launching your own website this easy. I also like how the interface looks, it did not make me feel like building a website is a professional and hard thing to do. I am sure a lot of guys and gals like me who have tried launching their own website felt the same way and they too also have their own suggestions and I really wish would take those suggestions in consideration. If they do, I am pretty sure a lot of users would be very interested.

If you want to create your own free account and launch your own website, just visit their site.

Anyways, that's it for now, thanks for dropping by and keep on Over Haulin!


  1. Thanks for your review and for the feedback. We'll definitely be able to use this to further improve our product. :)


    1. Hi Luis,

      Thanks for checking out the post. Just a heads up, I did receive the Prepaid Card after I have posted this review. I was able to check out the added features after upgrading my account and I will be updating this review within the week.

      Kind regards,

      Charles "TheReal" Gonzales