Friday, October 26, 2012

Swap Meet Haul: Cararama Mini-Rama! Mini Cooper and VW Beetle

This haul was from the last swap meet and the story behind my it is kind of fun.

The seller of the diorama set that I got arrived at the swap meet late. A lot of collectors and passer by had come and go but like usual me and a couple of my fellow collectors stayed to chat and chill.It's unfortunate that I was not able to get the name of the seller, but that was because I was so excited to rush back to my fellow collectors to show off my new haul. 

The swap meet was fun and was full of awesome diecast for sale. First haul was several motor home and trucks that was priced 3 pieces for the price of 1 new regular Hotwheels or Matchbox. Looked around and I was very tempted to buy a couple of VW lesney. I've completed several rounds checking out every cars that was displayed on the table. A lot of cars caught my attention and had me counting my available cash but I eventually decided to pass. Lunch passed, and we were just chatting and admiring the cars on display when the seller arrived, he looked for a table to share with for his merchandise, and then we he found one he started to place his for sale on display. First of, a set of Tomica Town. Some hard to find sets were included, and my friend Jerard of Shilo's Garage was immediately looking for collectors to have a group buy. When the seller finished displaying the Tomica Town, he started to display a couple of expensive multi scaled cars. Nothing for me there, but we were all eyeing the cars because they were awesome. Finally someone bought the Tomica set, and then there was enough space on the table for his other stuffs. The seller then displayed this two diorama set by Cararama.

My friends and I looked at it from a far. I liked it and got interested but I decided not to ask for the price because it looks damn expensive. Several minutes later curiosity got the best of me and decided to take a closer look. While approaching his table I immediately noticed that the acrylic case was busted, there were cracks everywhere. I picked up the Mini Cooper (yes because it's a rally car :D) and inspected the car and the diorama inside the case, everything is mint except for the case, picked up the Herbie VW Beetle, same thing except for some scratches at the roof of the beetle! From a far I was expecting that the price range for each set is around 900-1000 php (roughly $20 - $22), when I saw the busted case, price range went down to 600 - 800 php. Just curious, I asked the seller how much he is selling the set each. "350 php." That's what he replied. I was immediately computing at the back of my mind and trying to remember how much money I have extra at the same time. 

I was ready to pay for the Mini Cooper, but decided to haggle for both. "500 yung dalawa?" (500 for both?) and then I smiled knowing that my offer was a bit far off. He paused, looked at the set then replied. "550." ($11) Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! I nodded then payed for the set. And that haul became my best haul for that swap meet. Went back to my friends and all of them were looking at me with a questioning look. Apparently we were all expecting the same thing, both set will be very expensive. Just imagine the reaction that I got when I told them how much I got the lot. 

I believe the scale of the car and the diorama is 1/43. The detail of the diorama is so good and clean but that is not really a surprise considering Cararama produces some of the finely detailed 1/72 cars. I am really not a big beetle fan, that is why I am thinking of removing the beetle and replacing it with my 1/43 Mazda RX-7 Savanna. 

I got this fine looking RX-7 from last month's swap meet. I got it for a measly $2, the side mirror is missing, front plate number missing as well but everything is in near mint condition. I will post an updated picture once I am able to replace the beetle with the savanna. 

That's it for now, thanks for looking and keep on Over Haulin!


  1. wooooww! 350PHP for that very well detailed diorama?? Best buy! hahaha. Is this the SM Sucat Swapmeet? I failed to attend that event :( congrats on your haul. Looking forward to have mine soon LOL

    1. 550php for the two dio set. :D Best buy indeed! Yup, this was from the SM Sucat Swapmeet. Thank you, looking forward bumping into you in the next swapmeet, last swapmeet of the year most probably, if there is one hopefully. :D

  2. HEHE... yep, agree those are fabulous dios and yep they’re scale 1/43, i have a dio by Cararama as well, rather simpler but nicely detailed... these ones are stuffed !!!... right now a big event is happening here in my hometown but i’m hesitating about my attendance... if i go anyway, i don’t think i would buy anything since the price point there is too high for an experienced collector like me... the RX-7 is very nice as well, which brand ???

    1. It says MMP - Miniature Model Planning at the base of the RX-7. I am really not sure what brand is that. If you do attend the event, pictures please. :D