Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Bird Talked To Me - Nikko TransAM

When I go out hunting for toys it is usually not really scheduled. But there is this sort of way point which I follow whenever I decide to go out and look for toys. It is usually like this, Mall>Mall>Flea>Flea>Flea>Mall, this would usually cover my whole day of hunting. But in rare instances, I don't follow this. Usually when I decide to go somewhere I have not gone to for a long time, one of this instances is the one that I am going to post right now.

I woke one morning and decided to go look for toys, I wanted to go to this one particular flea store located in a very busy and well known spot in Manila. I rarely go there because it is far, out of way when I do the regular way point and they don't really sell toys. They sell housewares, office wares, books and stuffed toys and kids toys. Sometimes though, mixed and hidden amongst the dirty and smelly stuffed toys and kids toys are some good toys. I have seen several Transformers, Star Wars, Ben 10, and other good stuffs there. A lot of trashed, broken and incomplete Matchbox and Hotwheels. So I went there hoping that I can score some Hotwheels and Matchbox.

I arrived at the place and saw some familiar toys that are still there, never to be bought, because they are dirty and broken and one more thing, one more reason I do not go to this store often is the price, they don't sell the toys cheap. Halfway inside the store I was already regretting the decision to visit the store, in my mind I was wishing I have gone to a different store instead. I made a quick scan of the scattered toys and decided to dive in, I'm here anyways might as well spend a little more time and look for stuffs that I can use in the future, is what I said to myself. I was holding onto some Hotwheels with good wheels that I can use for modding some Hotwheels that I have. I was about to check out but decided to pass by the kids toys bay that includes toy sets like Lego and other adventure sets that includes most of the time a fold able diorama with caves and holes where you can place your action figures and play. You can also find some Duplo and Tonka toys here scattered. I really did not expect to see something there, but there it was seated beautifully with its gloss black color and gold decals. I immediately dropped the Hotwheels that I have in hand and picked up the car, I was disappointed to find that the side mirrors where missing, but all in all the condition of the car was excellent, some minor scratches but nothing more. No leaks and corrosion in the battery compartment, then I remembered, where is the transmitter. Looked around to check if the transmitter is there, I went to the cashier to check if they have it but unfortunately it was really not included when the car arrived in their store. I asked how much and the attendant answered "1,500 po." without even batting an eyelash. With the cars condition, transmitter missing and no way for me to know if it is still running not to mention it has no box, 1,500.00 (roughly $36) is too much. I tried to haggle but the attendant was firm. I thought for awhile and decided to let it go. I placed it back to where I found it and left the store.

A week later, after reading about the car in the net, I decided to go back and try to haggle some more and buy the car no matter what. I arrived at the store and went straight to the bay where I left the car. It was not there, I panicked and felt disappointed at the same time. I knew for a fact that I am not the only toy collector who goes to the store. I decided to check the other bay hoping that it was placed somewhere else. Surprise surprise! At the bay where the stuffed toys are placed, covered by a medium sized white stuffed bear, the car was hidden. I think someone was trying to hide the car and get it later. I wasted no time and went to the cashier. The attendant to whom I talked is no where to be found, I saw this as an opportunity, instead of asking what the price for the car is, I asked this: "Ate, pwede ba to sa 500?" (Can I buy this for 500?), the new attendant picked up the car and looked at it, she was about to say something, I think a higher price, that is why I decided to cut her off. "Sige na ate." (come on ate) I told her, she looked at the car again. While she was looking at the car I tried some epic-psychological-haggling-method on her, "Wala naman nang box at controller ate, hindi natin alam kung gumagana pa yan." (The box and the controller is missing, we cannot test it if it is still working) I told her. She looked at me again and then said "Ok.". Epic-psychological-haggling-method is epic! I walked out of the store a happy boy with one big bad ash Trans Am.

Here is a picture of the car, I'm still trying to look for replacement parts for the side view mirror. I planning to repaint it gloss black to cover up some of the scratches. I have not tried buffing wax yet, but I will give that a go as well. I have another Nikko transmitter with the same transmitter signal with the car but I have not tried it yet. The battery for the car is a mix of C's and AA's which is a bummer but everything else is good.


  1. Great story, I just found one the same way but missing the box cover, everything else included, never ran, not a scratch anywhere, 50 bucks very lucky very happy!

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