Saturday, June 23, 2012

The one that got away.

Yes a car just got away from me by mere hours. We have this Ebay like online buy and sell website here in the Philippines and I was browsing it the other night when I saw a Marui 1/10 Samurai with all the electronics and the TX posted for 1,500 pesos (roughly $35). From the pictures I can tell that it was in good condition, honestly with its price it is really really a steal. I was all excited and all because for the first time I will be getting something I have been looking for for a very very long time now and for a fraction of what I am expecting to pay for it if in any case I will be purchasing it in Ebay. I was so excited that I sent an SMS to the seller at 4:00 in the morning and I was really sleepy already by that time but I decided to wait for the seller to reply. Unfortunately I fell asleep. I woke up seven hours later and saw that the seller replied at around 6:00am ans said that the RC is still available and it is still for sale. I replied, advising the seller of my schedule to meet up with him. He did not reply, I messaged him again before I went to the office hoping that by break time I will get a reply from him (phones are not allowed in my work and I have to leave it in my locker). First break, I checked my phone, no replies. I thought maybe he is still at work. Lunch time and last break, checked my phone still no reply. Shifts over, I sent him a message again advising him that I can meet him up anywhere and that I am interested in buying the RC. I arrived home with still no replies from him. I decided to check the pictures again and this is what I got from the page:

The advertisement posted in this page is already inactive and it is possible that the details here are already invalid. Content posted in this page is only provided for reference and does not constitute fact. Please be guided accordingly.
View Inactive Advertisement

My heart broke. I checked the details and it was updated 9 hours ago, so that was like three in the afternoon-ish? If only I was able to reply to him when he messaged me at around six in the morning. It kind of sucks that the seller did not even bother to reply in one of my messages that he is talking to someone already. I also feel stupid for not staying awake long enough for his message. Well better luck next time, like what they always say "kung para sayo, para sayo." ("if it is really meant for you, it is meant for you or it is going to be yours.")

Well here are some of the pictures of the RC that got away from the Internet.

And here are some pics from a fellow blogger. I really envy his collection, you can visit his blog here : 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Toy Car Over Haul Logo

I'm really not sure if someone noticed but I have changed my blog title three times already. Well there are a couple of reasons for that, the first one is me reading a lot about increasing the traffic for your blog using the SEO. I was thinking of a more search able words for my blog title that really represents the blog content as well. From "Barn Finds & Good Hauls" I changed the title to "Flea Finds & Good Hauls". I was okay with the title and no it did not increase my blogs search-ability. It stayed like that for awhile but after reading several blogs I found my blog title lacking the personal touch. It was too, uhhm generic? Dull? So I've decided to change it one more time. 

This time I took into consideration the contents of my blog, the search-ability and the future works that I would be doing for this blog. I wanted it to be personal, exciting and cool looking. I'm also planning to modify a car with my blog title as the tampo/decal so I have decided to create a logo that will incorporate the blog title and so I started to look for references. While browsing lots of car related websites I came across the word "overhaul". Which according to the free online dictionary means:

1.A. To examine or go over carefully for needed repairs.
2. To make extensive renovations or revisions.

That word hit the jackpot, like what I have said before in the blogs description, this blog is for my hauls, restorations and modifications. Overhaul covers the restoration and the modification part, so what about the weekly or daily hauls? Well if you would notice the spelling of my overhaul in the title includes a space in between the word "Over" and "Haul" and that is the best phrase to describe what usually happens when I go toy hunting. :D

Design wise, I took the inspiration from classic rally posters and logos. I am a really big fan of classic rally and hot rods so I took the design from rally and took the color palette from my hot rod magazines that I have here. 

Well that is it for now, I'm still working on the pictures of my hauls. I still don't have the lights for my micro studio and a decent camera to take pictures with. Till next time, keep on over haulin!

Monday, June 18, 2012

2012 ToyCon - Mega Hauls!

Three days of toy hunting.

I was able to attend the convention for two days. The convention opens at 10:00 in the morning and closes at 10:00 in the evening, my work starts at 2:00 in the afternoon and ends at 11:00 in the evening. Basically I have three hours (10:00am-1:00pm) to take photos, visit each and every stalls, dig into piles of toys, eat, drink and rest then rush to the office. After two days of doing that I did not have enough sleep to do it again on the last day of the convention. Nevertheless, it was fun fun fun! The ToyCon that was held last year did not meet the expectation of most of the people who attended, two halls jam packed with cosplayers and display stalls. Not enough toys for a convention dedicated for toys. We were not expecting much for this years ToyCon that is why when we arrived at the con on the first day we were surprised and really happy to see that they occupied three huge halls for this years convention. Not only that, during the opening the MC announced that the first day would be retailers day. Yes no cosplayers for the first day (I don't have anything against cosplayers, my cousin does cosplay and I even help him with his costumes. It's just hard to roam around and look for toys when every now and then you get hit with something spiky or huge. :D), just toy fun. As soon as we entered the hall my brother and I separated (he is into figures) and just like what is expected the hall was filled with toys! It took me two hours to locate the stalls who sells die cast cars and look for the cars that is in my wish list. I was able to purchase several cars that is included in my side collect but none for my main line. No remote controlled cars as well. I did manage to borrow a digital camera from my cousin, I took pictures on the second day and was able to get a couple of cars again. I also meet two collectors from and got several more cars from them. Thank you again to James and Shilo! (you can also visit Shilo's blog here Shilos Garage) I will posting my hauls on a separate post but here are the pictures that I was able to take on the second day of the convention. Sorry for the poor image quality, don't worry I will be getting a DSLR, hopefully! :D

Die cast Pictures

Random Toys

Here is a picture of me with V and a picture of the very busy crowd.

And on my way to work I saw this very beautiful display! I really wanted to sit inside the cockpit.

Thanks for looking! See you in my next post. :D

Saturday, June 9, 2012

2012 Philippine Toy Convention

Three days of toy hunting! Next week (15,16 & 17) will be the annual ToyCon and it will be held at the Megatrade Hall of Megamall. I was not able to update the blog and post my most recent hauls because I still don't have a camera. I am hoping to get some LMP's and some unique cars and hopefully a vintage Radio Controlled car again in this year's ToyCon. Hopefully I can borrow a camera for the event so that I can take pictures and post it here.

For all those who are attending the event, see you there and happy hunting! :D

Friday, June 1, 2012


I currently don't have materials for posting. Nevertheless let me share what I have been doing in relation to my blog. During free time I have been hunting for modding equipments and tools. Unfortunately, I sold all of my modding equipments (like my airbrush) when I purchased my first XC MTB. I'm also trying to tidy up and prepare my very small work station for my new DIY studio for taking pictures of my hauls.

While scouring for materials and equipments I did manage to buy a few more HW and MBX for my collection which I will be sharing as soon as I finish all the work that I have.

Back to work! :D