Thursday, November 8, 2012

Swapmeet Haul: Kyosho VW Golf GTI and HotWheels Hare Splitter

It's the second week of November already! I am not yet done posting my hauls from the recent swap meet and we will be having another one this coming weekend! I do hope I get some good hauls in the next swap meet.

Any how, here are two VW Golf's that I got from the last swap meet. The first one is a Kyosho 1/64 Golf GTI. They were also selling a black variant of the same model, unfortunately a small part of the rear panel turned white because of the adhesive they used. The red one is not that bad but I like the black one better. 

They say that this is an old release from Kyosho and it's hard to find one today. I still want to get a black one and I hope I find one next swap meet. The detail on this model is really good, It's one of the models who was able to really get the distinct look of the front grill of the car, and I really love that front bumper! 

Sorry for the poor picture, I will get a new one with my new camera. hehehe love saying that, my new camera. :D :D :D

I'm not sure if Kyosho did release a race version of the car in this scale but I do wish they do if they have not. 

Anyway, the next one is a race version of the Golf indeed! I almost jumped with joy when I found this among the cars inside a bin that was selling for 100 pesos ($2!!!!). The car is mint and like new. I have always wanted one but I could not find any that is why I am really happy with this catch.

I really love the details of this one even though it is not that "detailed". I love the fog lamps on the bumper, I love the spare tire on the roof rack and I love the opening hood that reveals the engine.

I just wish I could get the first releases. I saw a couple that was posted in Ebay, mint and carded, and it's really frustrating not being able to buy them. >.<

Well that wraps up my coverage of my hauls in the last swap meet. So, what will you be expecting from my blog this November? Well, there would be a swap meet this weekend so you could expect some post regarding my hauls for that day, if I do have any hauls. However, if I don't have anything bought that day expect a post regarding the swap meet itself.

One more thing, I have been looking at my page view stats and I have noticed that I am getting a lot of hits when it comes to my RC cars. And with that I have decided that I will be doing A lot more RC posts this November, and I will be featuring my latest RC hauls and since my Taiyo Jet Fighter received the most number of views all time I will be doing a special post for it. I will be (hopefully) doing full review on it and probably a video of it running on dirt? :D

I just wish I have enough extra time to accomplish all that. Anyways, that's it for now, thanks for   dropping by and keep on Over Haulin!