Monday, June 17, 2013

12th ToyCon Philippines : Blast from the Past Power Prop Gliders

The three day long 12th ToyCon Philippines ended yesterday and everyone was all smiles. Compared to last year's con, this time it definitely feels more like a toy convention rather than a cosplay-anime event. I know I have mentioned it before, I don't have anything against cos players it's just that it's a toy convention not a cosplay event for crying out loud. hehehe 

This year more than half of the venue was occupied by toys of all sorts and this year I was looking for something particular when I went there. I was looking for HO slot cars. Unfortunately I was not able to find any even if there were several stalls that had vintage toys for sale. But the con did not disappoint, I was actually happy with this years con because like what I have said, there were several stalls that had vintage toys for sale! 

I forgot to bring my camera though. (>.<) 

Anyways, going back to the stalls that had vintage toys. I did see the usual Japan made tin toys, some vintage sentai guns and swords, some lesneys, bags of accessories for vintage action figures, a few Chogokin, some portable arcade systems and many more. But what made me really excited when I saw it was this gliders.

I used to have a few of these when I was little and these gliders thought me the concept of aerodynamics. I also used to play with cheaply made Takatoku Battletech Macross and some model planes that you need to build. I really think these toys what made me to be a DIY guy while growing up. 

These where tucked inside a plastic bin covered with other stuffs just got lucky and decided to dig into it. Was even more lucky to find four pieces, and while digging into the bin holding these, I was amused with the reactions that I heard from fellow attendees passing by behind me. Almost everyone of them recognized the toy and stood behind me to check the items. Everyone was ecstatic while exchanging their own story of playing with these gliders.

It was really nice to find something like this and I am really happy that I found this. However this is not the only thing that I got from the convention. I have not posted the full story yet and the post is still in the works but I kind of switched to a different hobby. I sold all of diecast cars and RC cars (reason why will be posted soon, and I'm glad I did, meet some interesting people along the way) and returned to plastic scale models. Bought these kits at a bargain price and was really lucky to find them at the con. I'm planning to document the build process for these cars and the next kits that I will be buying. 

Full stories will be posted soon. hehehe That's it for now, thanks for dropping by and keep on Over Haulin!

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