Monday, July 9, 2012

EBay Hauls: Hotwheels Ford Escort & Toyota MR2

I was watching one of my favorite T.V. series "Auction Hunters" last night, and in last night's episode they were able to pick up this unit with vintage slot cars hidden among the china glass wares. There were four cars in the lot and one of the cars is a Chaparral with a Jim Hall figure and it just so happens that I also have one made by Hotwheels. That car alone that they got was valued at $700 by the buyer.

After the show, I went to check my own Chaparral, picked it up, admired it for a while and returned it to my unfinished display cabinet. 

I tried to remember where I got my Chaparral and after remembering that I got it from a mall that sells wholesale items, I started to try and remember where I got the remaining cars that I have right now. Most of the cars that I have where purchased at the mall and hobby stores, some are from the flea market and others are from fellow collectors.

How about online stores you ask? Well I do have a couple of purchases from the net, the very first one is a Hotwheels Plymouth and the Nikko Cosmo Flash. I considered those trial purchases, the items were priced right, both sellers are willing to do meet ups and they both have good feed back scores. The transactions went pretty well and that pushed me to do my third purchase from the Internet, which turned out to be my most favorite haul for 1:64 diecast. I'm still new to diecast collecting when I saw two of my favorite casting and tampo from an EBay seller. I am not really a big fan of shipping items because of the fee and the possibility of being scammed, but I really liked the car that was being posted so I decided to give it a try. The cars were posted 150 pesos each and an additional 100 pesos for shipping and handling. There were two cars and the seller was willing to do combined shipping. I updated the seller's page and it showed that it was sold to me, I deposited the money to his bank and I received a confirmation SMS that he had the items shipped already to me. It took around three days before the items arrived at my doorstep, during those three days I was checking out all the pictures available in the Internet for both the cars and every time I look at the pictures, I keep on falling in love with them. Items arrived and I immediately opened them and checked the items out, true to the sellers promise the items were placed in a box protected. I stared at the cars for almost five minutes admiring the casting and the tampo. I looked at the car from all sides, itching to let them loose but I decided not to and just try to hunt for loose ones. I haven't had any online purchases after that because I have not found anything to buy, but I am sure that there will be one of these days. I am actually eyeing a vintage Radio Shack remote control right now, I have talked to the seller already I am just waiting for the price to drop.

Well enough talk, here are some of the pictures of my online haul. Two of my favorite diecast Hotwheels, the 1998 Hotwheels First Edition Ford Escort with white and blue rally tampo and the Collector #894 Toyota MR2 with white and red rally tampo.

That's it for now, thanks for viewing. Keep Over Haulin! :D


  1. Happy that you liked them! :D I was able to pick up several Escorts and MR2's will be posting them soon.